About Africa Bloggers

Rosario Rosario Davi is JumpTV’s Director for Sub Saharan Africa having overall responsibility for the region. Joining JumpTV in 2005, Rosario continues to serve as a senior associate at KIT Capital,LLC, a New York based private equity firm investing in technology and new media companies. In addition, he serves as a Board Director for both public and private KIT Capital portfolio companies. Rosario graduated from Rutgers University with a BS degree in Finance. The son of Sicilian immigrants, Rosario speaks both Sicilian and Spanish and is known as one of the World’s leading scholar for the study of the language known as “New Yorkeese”. He is an avid New York Yankee fan and former football (American football that is) player.

Brigittea_2 Brigitte Atta-Poku is the Subscriber Acquisition Manager for Africa and Caribbean. Family background is from Ghana, she was born in New York. She has an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems and a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from St.John’s University. She enjoys traveling, writing for magazines, watching plays, music, and music-engineering.

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About Europe Blogger

Kasia_1 Katarzyna Szudy is JumpTV’s Subscriber Acquisition Manager for Europe. Before joining the JumpTV team Katarzyna worked as an Assistant Art Designer and as an Advertising Manger for the Polish ethnic newspaper “Super Express” in New York City. Katarzyna received a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in International Business from Schiller International University in Heidelberg, Germany. She left Poland, where she was born, 13 years ago and has been traveling, living and studying around the world; finally 5 years ago she settled in NYC. Katarzyna is an open-minded, easy going individual who is interested in some day volunteering in South America. She enjoys learning Spanish, reading (non-commercial literature), biking, skiing, traveling and cooking.

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About Asia Bloggers

Ej As a marketing and brand manager, EJ Hong has been working on various aspects in media and entertainment business from licensing & merchandising to film marketing and distribution. She currently serves as Marketing and Subscriber Acquisition Manager for Asia at Jump TV, a mid-size start-up company in downtown New York City. Originally from South Korea she enjoys traveling, scuba-diving, and going to galleries for past time.

jk Born in Taipei, Julia grew up in confusion as her family moved around three continents. She made her way back to her homeland during college and was captivated by the dramatic changes of Taiwan's democratization progress in the shadow of China's taunts. With an American degree in journalism, Julia worked in various media outlets as a bilingual (Chinese-English or more colloquial non-pc Chinklish) reporter/editor. She subsequently traveled around China and worked on indie film productions including The 17th Karmapa, a documentary on Tibetan Buddhism. Currently, she manages JumpTV-Team Asia's calendar, proposals, late-night snacks and leads the effort in getting everyone to attend as much Asia (or not) related events around town. One of her on-going documentary projects can be viewed on Google Video 

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About Middle East and North Africa bloggers


Dr. Ahmed Gomaa is the Director of Online Marketing at JumpTV. Prior to Joining JumpTV, he worked on several projects including web log analysis, trend analysis, text mining and online media manifestation with the US Army (CERDEC), the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey , SAP Research and CIMIC lab, Rutgers. Ahmed's earned his MBA and PhD in Management, majoring in Information Technology from Rutgers Univesity, NJ , on personalizing online media to different users on different devices. He serves as Assistant to Editors in Chief of the International Journal on Digital Libraries (IJDL) a Springer Verlag Journal. Ahmed published several technical papers in managerial finance , data mining and online media personalization.

Hanni When  Han Solo first started in streaming media, his boss sold him onto the job by saying, “There will be lots of sunshine and lots of adventures.” After working in online streaming media and broadcast television for the better part of a decade in London and Los Angeles, Han has encountered numerous adventures, but maybe not enough sunshine. Now, based out of the New York Metropolitan Area, Han Solo is mindful of the need to demonstrate an uncompromising focus on service delivery, quality assurance, and the achievement of organizational objectives and goals as a member of JumpTV's Northeast team.  Concurrently, he is a certified NJ Real Estate Property Sales person as well as an avid Photographer. Hannibal holds an interest in motion picture photography, digital photographic knowledge, and a passion for being a team player on a close knit crew. Han Solo holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Film from Columbia University in the City of New York.

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About Latin America and the Caribbean bloggers

Mariapaula Maria Paula Chavarriaga is JumpTV's Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, Maria Paula holds a Social Communication Degree from  Universidad  Sergio Arboleda in Bogota, and a Master degree in Organizational Communication from  Universidad de la Sabana in Bogotá. She was born in Pasto, Colombia. She lives in Bogota, and enjoys listening to music, reading, and painting.
Image002_2_1 Karina Chez is the Subscriber Acquisition Manager / Latin America and Caribbean. Originally form the Dominican Republic, came to NY for her MBA, and completed it in the summer of 2005. She enjoys playing tennis, reading, photography, travel and yoga.
Monica_2 I am Monica Maria Osorio Mercado,  I was born in Bogota, I am 26 years old.I got degree in social comunications and Jornalist . from SERGIO ARBOLEDA  UNIVERSITY ,Bogota – Colombia . I am working in JUMP TV.COLOMBIA as Channel manager . I enjoy  to read  and listening  music. Also I enjoy to meet people.

Me1_4 Ricky Vegas is JumpTV’s Channel Partner Engineer and the Subscriber Acquisition Manager / Latin America and Caribbean, He is from Peru where He got his Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from UPC University and later on a second Bachelor degree in Computer Science. Three yeas ago he came to New York. In his free time he enjoy practicing rock climbing, travel, listening to music, dance and going out with friends
Diegovictoria_2 Diego Victoria is JumpTV’s Director for Latin America and the Caribbean. Prior to joining JumpTV in 2005, he served as a Consul of Colombia in New York. Diego holds a Law Degree from Universidad Javeriana in Bogota and a Masters in Public Administration from Columbia University. Diego was born in Cali, Colombia and has been living in New York, with his wife and daughter, for the past eight years.

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