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About Latin American Bloggers

Maria_Emma_MontesMaria Emma Montes was born in Manizales, Colombia. She is  the Coordinator for Latin American Team and the regional Marketing Campaigns. She also supports the community blog for Latin America, and through this tool, she promotes the channels and Marketing Campaigns from JUMPTV. María Emma was the manager for the Cultural and Educative channel in Colombia, Señal Colombia. Her journalist background includes working in Cultural and Entertainment sections in some newspapers in her country. Before that, Maria Emma was the Production manager of EPM (Empresas Públicas de Medellín) one of the largest Cable companies in Colombia. She is based in Bogotá, Colombia.

Jpt_6 Jean-Pierre Troch is Country Manager for Latin America and Caribbean and he designs Marketing Campaigns for his channels in charge. Prior to JumpTV, he worked for Louis Vuitton as After Sales Coordinator in Bogota and as Flight Coordinator for Air France.He has a Technician Hotel Management diploma from Vatel School and actually is making a Marketing and Advertising degree.

Monica_Osorio Monica Osorio is Country manager for Latam, and she is in charge of channels from Chile, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Paraguay, Honduras, and Ecuador. She implements channels and designs marketing campaigns as well as marketing deals for those countries. Prior to JumpTV she worked in Cemex-Colombia, where she was in charge of the design for the internal and external communication strategies for the Commercial VP, and in her free time she likes to spend time with her family, read a good book and watch movies.

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